Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to KatherineLovesCurls

Hi! My name is Katherine and I am curl obsessed college student! I’ve started this blog as a place to compile all the information I gather, little mini discussion topics, product reviews, the works! I am a compulsive forum visitor. Chances are, if my computer is open there’s a 85-90% chance that is open in one of my tabs lol…obsessed.
The information I post on this site is not intended to be necessarily groundbreaking, because let’s be serious, do you really need someone else telling you moisturize those curls and be careful with heat appliances?...didn’t think so. As I said, it is information I gathered over research I’ve done for the past two or three years. Who knows what kinds of good information I have rattling off in my brain right now, I might as well organize it and put in on display for others to use, right? My posts may not necessarily be “news” or but I’ll do my best =].
Also I cannot label myself as a “guru” or trichologist or expert. So far, I know what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Really, that’s the best I can do right now. However, I know that the last two years would have been waaaay easier had I known what I know now. I’m learning just like everyone else, but would love to be as much help as possible to anyone who needs it. Not to mention, I love hearing other people’s opinions on products, chemicals, society, whatever
And I’m going to strive to cover my ass (so to speak) if I’m republishing someone else’s info…remember I am a college student, I’m required to cite my sources in class, this should be no different. Any issues with this and I’ll do my best to get you your credit because I do not see this as a contest for “who can have the healthiest hair” or “who knows more about what”. All that is really petty, and I recognize that it’s not just me that’s peddling the miracle of Cowashing around the internet, the more people that know the better…my only goal is to get the word out =D
Loooove, Katherine!

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